Project of vessel conversion from PSV into OTSV

Proper Marine was responsible for the complete project of vessel conversion from PSV (Platform Support Vessel) into OTSV (Offshore Terminal Support Vessel) to fit contracts with Petrobras for the coming years.

It is a very specialized vessel, difficult to convert and directed to supplying the peculiar characteristics of the Brazilian market. Proper Marine has conducted two out of the three existing projects in the world for two different shipowners.

Project of service life extension
of an Oil production unit

Proper Marine has conducted services in the areas of naval engineering, hydrodynamics, anchoring, structures, and subsea for the evaluation and verification of the service life extension of an oil production unit. The unit was built in 1966 as a MODU, and it was converted into a production unit in 2002, with a 20-year expected operation.

The conducted studies indicated the possibility of unit operation until 2027.

Creation of an integrity management system
(partnership with Vidya)

Proper Marine has conducted engineering services in the regulatory and technical areas for the decommissioning processes of the FPSO City of Rio de Janeiro and FPSO Capixaba along with its shipowners and operators.

These projects have great complexity and are extremely important to the national market, given the high number of units that will be decommissioned in the coming years.

Project and consultancy in the decommissioning
of oil production units

Proper Marine, in partnership with Vidya, has created a digital twin service based on a customized software for the management and optimization of data on the structural integrity of platforms. Information management saves time, resources, and the safety of offshore unit operations.

Rescue of the Stella Banner vessel

Proper Marine has provided naval engineering and rescue engineering services in the case of the Stella Banner vessel, which ran aground and was damaged in the coast of Maranhão – Brazil.

Project of a 100% electric vessel for passengers

Proper Marine has developed a project of a 100% electric passenger vessel for the transportation of passengers in inland waters. From concept studies to the consolidation of the basic project, the aim was to employ the most modern technologies for an extremely efficient, safe, and reliable project.