Hull Vane®

Since 2016, we are partners of Hull Vane®, an innovative company that has a technology that reduces the resistance of displacement or semi-displacement vessels.

The device is composed of a fixed wing installed on the vessel’s stern, being that one of the components of the lift force generated works in the sense of reducing the resistance to the vessel’s advancement. It is then observed a reduction in the fuel consumption or increase in its maximum speed.

Hull Vane®, besides providing a reduction in fuel consumption, emission, energy requirements, noise, and wave movements, also keeps the vessel’s stability and maneuverability, making it an extremely important equipment to increase the efficiency of vessels.


Vidya Technology

Specialized in digital solutions and with vast experience in the Oil and Gas segments, Vidya provides the Digital Twin for BOP (blowout preventer), a solution that integrates systems, operation data, maintenance, databases, and 3D models in a single place through artificial intelligence. 

The technology provides a continuous data flow between the probe and the platform and it projects information in an integrated way in a virtual representation.


Crest Consultants

With over three decades of experience in naval and offshore projects, Crest Consultants provides solutions for semi-submersibles and FPSOs, such as production units and perforation probes. The company is leader in innovations for the most complex technical challenges faced by clients